OJSC "8 Marta" is the oldest enterprise in the Republic of Belarus (Gomel), was founded in 1926.  Today the company has a full cycle of knitwear and hosiery production.  The technological process includes 5 main stages: knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting and sewing.

         The enterprise was the first in Belarus to master the production of linen and the production of products from linen yarn, and today this assortment is in steady and increased demand in the domestic and foreign markets.  The main equipment park of the world's leading manufacturers from such countries as Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Japan is 816 units.  The quality management system ISO 9001-2015 has been introduced.  We invite you to consider the possibility of cooperation in the supply of products from linen yarn: current women's models, made in an original design, and possessing good hygroscopicity, air permeability, strength and antibacterial properties.



Established: 1926

The total number of employees is above 1000 people.

Square meter area: 55,000 m²

Total annual income: confidential

Main sales markets:

Eastern Europe - 63.4%

Asia - 36.6%

Delivery types: - FCA-Gomel

Currencies for payment: USD, EUR, RUB.

Accepted type of payment: transfer

Lead time: minimum quantity 500 pieces - 7 days, 250,000 - 1 month

Sample making time: 5 days

Country\Region: Republic of Belarus